Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oh the things children say...or at least mine

I have a friend who is an AWESOME blogger. Her name is Chanell. In fact, I dunno if that's even giving her enough credit for her pure TALENT of writing. She should probably get into authoring real books. Or she could just publish her blog AS a book. Anyway, I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little envious of her skill and natural comedic abilities. ANNNDDD, she's a regular blogger, as in weekly. I'm more like yearly. But I really want to try, because I'm also jealous that she has TONS of entries that are highlighting and recording the lives of her children, and I was good at that with Halle at first when I would write a journal about all her "firsts" and other cute things, but that stopped very abruptly when Bubba showed up. And he has nothing. I always swore I wouldn't be "that" parent. But people, I'm telling ya, it's true! More than one kid and it's pure survival mode at times. Forget making everything equal.

I digress.

So today I'm highlighting a lot of the funny things I don't want to forget that my kiddos do and say. With a much longer list to come. Hopefully.

Halle says the darndest things list (and stories that go along them):
1. I scold Bubba, he cries, he's on his way to his room: "Ohh come here little boy" with arms outstretched and ready to hug him
2. I am chopping celery: "What's that?" It's celery. "Oh. And it has no preservatives?" True story. She's three.
3. Bubba's making a mess in the kids room. "Bubba! Don't get that out! I just got done pickin this stuff up!" Like mother, like daughter. Scary.
4. We sometimes ask Halle what color we are. We want to raise politically correct children ya know. (HA) SOoo what color is mommy? "Golden." That's going on 'other' from here on out under 'race/ethnicity.'
5. When we first potty-trained Hal, I told her to tell me when she goes #2 so I can come wipe her and avoid any skid marks, if ya know what I'm sayin, and also avoid her getting any on her hands. So even now, over a year later, every time Halle's done, she yells, "Mom! I don't want to get poop on my hands!"
6. Prayers. One night Halle really wanted to go big, so she opened her eyes and started looking around her room and naming all the things she saw during her "thank you's." It's tender to hear your 3 year old thank Heavenly Father for toys and bunk beds. And everyone she knows. And for "our jobs."
7. "I am a Child of God" is a favorite church song at our house. According to Halle, Heavenly Father has given us an "early" home.
8. "Dad, Bubba said we need to go to the Michael Jordan store and get some new Jordans." Oh ya? (Halle responds in a whisper) "And I want some Michael Jordans too" What color? "Pink."
9. The cougar fight song is kind of a difficult song. Especially for 2 and 3 year olds. "On we'll go to vanquish the foe" = "Awn-a-maw-na vafafa foe"
10. "Hoopa-loop" Hula Hoop.
11. Everything at our house ends in y, ey, or ie or has been converted to a compound word. Examples: "bathy bath," "churchy church," "diapey dipe," "nappy nap," "lunchy lunch..." you get the gist.

Bubba REALLY does say the darndest things list (and more stories):
1. "Hudda one" (OTHER one)
2. "Forsey" and "Hootball" (Horsey and football...apparently F and H are very confusing letters in the English language)
3. Whenever Bubba stinks and needs his diaper changed, he asks "What kind poop is it?" meaning he wants to know what color and consistency. Yes, he's DEFINITELY a boy, and it starts young people. Sometimes it's followed up with "Is it peanut butta poop?" If you heard his lil voice say it, it's really actually cute.
4. Lately, everything is "I don't wantoo." Or of course, "No."
5. When Bubba knows he's done something he shouldn't, he comes out and in his cutest lil angel voice will say, "I wuh you, Mommy."
6. Bubba has "ebras" on his diapers, not to be confused with zebras.
7. EVERY time we see a BYU logo or even just a Y, ESPECIALLY in the car, the excitement is uncontained: "WOOK! (pointing) I SEE DA Y! I SEE DA BYU COUGAS!" He is not brainwashed. He comes by it naturally.
8. The other night, everyone BUT Bubba was in the family room. We hear Bubba shooting his bball in his over-the-door nerf hoop in the kid's room saying "Oh c'maawwn!" Rebound, shoot. "Oh c'maaawwwnn!" Apparently Mike Hall was playing defense on him. Or the MWC refs didn't cut him any slack.
9. Bubba is very religious. He likes to say prayers in the middle of a rowdy BYU crowd at Lavell Edwards stadium. Typically right now it goes: "Henly Fodder, eh day, (maybe) eh daddy, n mommy, n bubba (maybe Hawee), eh Chwist, AMEN." The fans sitting next to Mike really enjoyed that.
10. Mike and I call each other babe. Nothing else. It's obviously pretty bad when you hear BOTH your children calling EACH OTHER babe.
11. Diggy used to try to gank food out of the kids' hands cuz he knew he could. So the kids, logically, are little suspicious of him when they get food and are walking around the house eating it. Bubba is VERY protective of his food (look at his cheeks!). It doesn't matter WHERE he is, if he has food, and Diggy is ANYwhere in close proximity, "NO! Diggy! Get houtta here!"
12. I lovingly call Diggy names sometimes. One day, I was outside cooking on the grill and I told Bubba and Halle to get Mike. Halle opened the door and Bubba yelled, "Come here little idiot!"
13. When Bubba shoots on his hoop, which is a few hours daily (no exaggeration), it's common to hear, "Aw, good shot." "Oh yeah! Gimme five!" "Oh good try." "Almost!" You can tell how encouraging WE are, huh?
OTHER VERY POPULAR phrases of my two-year-old Bubba:
"I go pway baskee-ball, k?" "I go Daddy's office, pway baskee-ball BYU cougas." "Daddy, wook (pointing to his clothes), Michael Jordan!" "Kwocks" (Crocs). "Right der" (pointing at ANYthing). "Fwoot nack" (fruit snack). "Yogrit" (yogurt). "Kwispie Wice Ceyo" (Rice Crispies). "I see da watah!" (ANY water, fountain, lake...) "Happy der-day" (Happy BIRTHDAY) "Gimme squeeze hug."

Maybe some of these made you laugh or smile like we did, and DO, even daily, here at the Hall house. Maybe they're kinda simple n boring. But it's life here with Halle and Bubba. They won't say these things, in this way, forever. So now it's documented. Check.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Typical Tara

Yup. Not good at blogging. Or maybe it's that I'm trying to work full time as a teacher and I'm really smart and have decided to completely re-do my curriculum at school. Oh and I also was assigned a new class this year that I've never taught before. OR maybe it's cuz I'm also getting my masters. And did I mention that I have TWO kids. Both under three. My husband has an amazing job that gives him the privilege to travel all over the country. So I also do a little cooking, some laundry, tidy up the know those everyday kinds of things of a wife and mother. And everyone now and then I dabble in a little card-making, crafting, round out the stereotypical-ness of being an LDS woman in Utah County. Good thing my high school health students don't have access to my blog. They may think that I'm pretty hypocritical if they thought I was doing things just to fit in. I'm not. I really do enjoy it.

The point is: I haven't posted anything since October. Typical. But as you can see from my previous paragraph, life is a little busy. And I actually LOVE it busy. But it's hard work. But rewarding work. And I'm excited for Christmas break. Expect a blog or two then. :) Promise.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Okay, peeps. I know I have more than just two friends who are "following" me. (I'm new at this whole blogging world, but you should be so proud of that sentence).

However, I need help. When it comes to "how to" do whatever on blogs, I'm still a newby. SOooo, how do I get a lil list of my blogger friends on my page here so I can easily click on YOUR blogs to stalk you like I know you do me? haha That was a little arrogant- as if EVERYONE wants to read my blog and stalk me all the time! HA But seriously, I need to know how!! And if that means I somehow need your email, then send it so I can start compiling a lil list here!

Who wants to be my teacher????? Don't all jump at once... :P

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dancing Queen

Not me. Yes I love to dance, but apparently so does my daughter. Even for 2 straight hours. I really don't think she stopped! Jumping, running, twirling, shimmying, and hula hooping, alone or with complete strangers! At least there wasn't a whole lotta booty-shakin' going on, but I guarantee if she would've seen more of it, then I would've seen more of it (from her) since she was a MIRROR to any and every dance move that she saw! It was probably the most entertaining thing about my sister's wedding!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Dad

So, not to be a debbie-downer, but it seems like one of the whole points of blogs is to post "happenings" in your life, whether good or bad, happy or sad. I guess it's okay to 'out' the news now that my Grandma Swift knows and won't be blind-sided by a big ol' Warren Sap with it all.

My dad has cancer. Just that small sentence brings a lot of emotions, as simple and trite, and UNemotional as it is for anyone ELSE to read it. I've never really known anyone personally close to me to have the horrible disease. Yeah, parents of friends have had it and we've KNOWN people who have had cancer, but no one really that I've had a personal or more intimate relationship with. And now it's my DAD.

I remember in high school there was a high profile family in our district and one of their sons hung out with the big group of friends I ran around with. He was a class older than me, but was a really good athlete- football, basketball and baseball. His mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and I remember when she ended up passing away. His little sister was friends with my little sister. Even though it was sad, I remember the saddest thing was when I put myself into their shoes and tried to imagine how I would feel if it was MY mom. THAT's what was the saddest part. But it's not my mom. It's my Dad.

I've been distracted lately by lots of things--my sister's wedding, grad school, doctor's appointments for the kids, teaching, Mike traveling and getting used to his new job, keeping the house somwhat acceptable and know, the everyday jobs of a mom/wife/full-time teacher/student. But now that some of these things are over or under control, the reality of my Dad's situation is more in the forefront of my thoughts instead of just floating in the background.

He had his PET scan and the cancer hasn't metastisized outside of his lymph nodes...great news. But just the small bruises on his arms from IV's during his exploratory surgery to find the tumors, the radiation mask fitting, and the scheduling of the first date of his chemo and radiation therapies (October 18th) make this whole situation tangible and scary. I can't see the strong, intelligent, successful, independent, masculine, tough man that I've grown up idolizing with a feeding tube. I can't imagine the guy that was always telling us to toughen up and be brave in a situation where he will completely be at the mercy of the cancer treatments, in pain, and probably hiding it. And the worse part is I'm 1,000 miles away and can't do anything about it.

One of the only glimpses of hope that I have is my knowledge that Heavenly Father is completely aware of my family, and even me. I'm not the one that has cancer, but He knows that I too am hurting and he has put people in my path that have already given me so much comfort and strength. It is truly amazing to know that seemingly unrelated events in my life, are completely related to this terrible cancer and are helping me and my family to get through it. I am anxious to witness miracles and experience the power of prayer and priesthood.

Life truly is a gift that I think we take for granted at times. I'm so grateful for mine-for the relationship I have been privileged to have with my Dad, because I know there are some people who have never had the opportunity to have a dad, and especially not one who is as great as mine. I am also hopeful for all the future experiences I will continue to have with my Dad.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Yes, folks, you are seeing with your own two eyes! I finally have officially stepped into the blogging world! I tried to do this literally 2 years ago, but trying to make cute little headings the way that I saw my friend do it and FAILING every time I tried held me back. UNTIL NOW! With a Mac, photoshop, and some digital scrapbooking kits, I guess anything is possible! And the cute lil heading at the top?? Yep, I did it. All by myself.

I have to somewhat thank my technology class that I'm taking for grad school right now for forcing my foot through the door. And blogspot for making the design process so much more user friendly. I really promise I'm NOT a computer/technology idiot! I'm just a perfectionist and I wanted this done right, or not done at all! So I obviously have a lot of catching up to do. Two years, two kids, new jobs, grad school, and lots of little things in between have made life for our family quite busy. But we're happy.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I suck at blogging!

Okay, so the cute little title at the top of our page was totally done by one my very good friends that has now moved away to Washington! Since then I've done, um, NOTHING, to this blog! So I decided to start figuring this thing out, and doing my OWN layouts, and updating our blog on a little bit more of a regular basis. Especially since school is almost out and I'll have all summer to figure it out!